Weaving – Warp Length Calculator

Weaving – Warp Length Calculator


Weaving – Warp Length Calculator

Users can input the weaving width, warp sett, loom waste, and take-up percentage. The default value for loom waste is 6 inches, and the default take-up percentage is 20%. When the user submits the form, the script calculates the required length of warp yarn based on the input values and displays the result.


A Warp Length Calculator is a tool used by weavers to determine the amount of warp yarn required for a weaving project. It takes into account the weaving width, the warp sett (ends per inch), loom waste, and take-up percentage to calculate the length of warp yarn needed for the project.

The weaving width is the width of the fabric that will be woven on the loom. The warp sett is the number of warp ends per inch, and it determines the spacing of the warp threads on the loom. Loom waste refers to the amount of yarn that is lost during the warping and beaming process, and it varies depending on the type of loom and the weaver’s technique. Take-up percentage refers to the amount of shrinkage that occurs when the fabric is removed from the loom and relaxed. This is important to consider when calculating the amount of yarn needed for the warp.

To use a Warp Length Calculator, the weaver inputs the weaving width, warp sett, loom waste, and take-up percentage into the calculator. The calculator then calculates the required length of warp yarn based on these inputs. The weaver can then use this information to determine how much yarn is needed for the warp and how much to purchase or spin.

A Warp Length Calculator can save time and reduce waste by providing an accurate estimate of the amount of yarn needed for a weaving project. It can also help weavers plan their projects more efficiently and make informed decisions about yarn purchases.


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